Our proven approach enables anticipation, detection, and management of strategic, operational, and tactical risks that can impede your organization's ability to achieve its objectives. We help you better understand the emerging threat landscape, crystalize your organizational goals, design a roadmap to sustainable success, and implement an effective risk-informed strategy that contributes to your organization's mission. This approach has enabled organizations to realize risk as a strategic driver to create lasting resilience and a competitive advantage.
Plan of action designed to achieve an overall aim
Strategic Risk
Driving action regarding uncertainties and untapped opportunities that affect an organization's strategy and execution
The effect of uncertainty
Over the last decade, cyber-attacks are surfacing more than ever and are a cause for concern for both private and public sectors. Emerging threats to critical infrastructure are becoming increasingly complex and dangerous. Globalization and the increased commonality of information systems and networks have facilitated ruinous cyber-attacks from various threat actors with malicious intent. Cyber-attacks are alternative access points for hostile actors to carry out their intended mission; to disrupt operations and or destroy critical infrastructure.
OPACC works with leadership and executive management teams to minimize systematic risk and mitigate the consequences of cyber-attacks by offering strategic guidance, actionable insights, and advanced cyber services.
Threat & Vulnerability Identification
Risk Priorization & Assignment
Continuous Monitoring