Drawing on his experience in national security, defense, critical infrastructure protection, energy security, cyber operations, and economic risk; Fadi A. Muhsen works with Executives, Leadership, Senior Management, and Security Teams across various industries and sectors to realize emerging risks as a strategic driver to create lasting resilience and a competitive advantage. As the Founder & Principal of OPACC, Inc., Mr. Muhsen serves as a subject matter expert (SME), a thought leader, provides strategic advisory, and leads all aspects of each client engagement while offering a unique set of insights that stem from a diverse variety of industries and experiences.

Over the course of his professional career, Mr. Muhsen has designed and operationalized strategic and operational cyber programs across the Federal government and Private sector specific to: critical infrastructure protection, cyber-physical security, covert security testing, energy security, electrical vehicle (EV) security, radio frequency & IoT forensics, intrusion detection, OSINT, threat intelligence, and investigations. Academically, his research includes: application of game theory to oligopolistic strategy, prisoners’ dilemma for oligopolistic pricing, attacks on critical infrastructure and geopolitical conflict, the emerging threat landscape - asymmetric & hybrid threat concepts.

Mr. Muhsen holds a Bachelors from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Masters from Georgetown University.
Expertise Highlights
  • Developed and implemented a high-profile cyber and physical risk program for a Federal Law Enforcement component encompassing security assessments, threat intelligence, and investigations to ensure risks to key sectors of critical infrastructure are mitigated and addressed.
  • Served as a Strategic Thought Leader to multiple Senior Executive Service (SESs) across the Federal government on emerging threats concepts, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) specific to cyber-physical security, critical infrastructure protection, and national security.
  • Established and operationalized an advanced IoT forensics and radio frequency (RF) intrusion detection program for a Federal Law Enforcement component.
  • Served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on cyber-physical threats and advanced operational strategies to the Leadership Team of the Energy Security & Resilience Programs of a large public power utility corporation in the U.S.
  • Designed, developed, and established a corporate venture capital arm for a for-profit mid-sized defense corporation to generate commercializable technology products and services that solve complex cyber defense issues for the firm’s domestic and international partners and clients. 
  • Led and supported cyber-physical security assessments on high-risk critical infrastructures across the United States.
  • Established a cyber defense consortium focused on cyber-physical security operations for the state of New York’s Energy Sector.
  • Designed, developed, and established a cyber program specific to the overall resilience and infrastructure security of a Federal Law Enforcement component's Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet.
  • Provided strategic advisory to the Associate Director of Cyber Integration of a Federal Law Enforcement component for over five years (and counting).
  • Conducted over 6,000 comprehensive control assessments of the management, operational, compliance, and technical security controls employed by a global financial institution.
  • Established a centralized, cross-domain environment between a large public power utility corporation in the U.S. and a multinational conglomerate industrial manufacturing corporation for internal experimentation and wargaming simulations, specific to cyber capability development activities.
As a cross-functional team, OPACC's experts are a complementary mix of strategy, risk, management, and cyber professionals that have experience across the U.S. Federal Government and Private Sectors.